Integration Between StARS-MS and Capita/Fortek Vision Goes Live

We are pleased to announce that the integration between our StARS-MS rostering and attendance management system and the Vision mobilising system is now live at the London Fire Brigade.

The first fully electronic automated interface between our system and the Vision CAD system means StARS-MS provides extensive appliance information such as full rider list, appliance status and appliance attributes, including equipment, to Vision.

This level of integration means that operational staff no longer need to phone Control to let them know when certain appliances or items of equipment are off-the-run.  Now they can update the StARS-MS watch shift Roll Call Board which automatically passes this information to the Vision mobilising system, thereby ensuring that the availability of all appropriately equipped appliances is kept up-to-date in an accurate and timely manner.
In the same way that the mobilising system selects appliances, senior officers will be mobilised based on their skills and attributes which are also held in StARS-MS.