MSC Completes Implementation of StARS-MS at Merseyside Fire and Rescue Authority

We are pleased to announce that the implementation of the StARS-MS system, as part of the Merseyside Fire and Rescue Authority (MFRA) Time and Resource Management (TRM) project, is now complete and the system at MFRA has now gone live.

This project represents a significant advancement in how MFRA will manage its resources and provides a solid foundation upon which to build in the future. Simon Lamb, Director of Emergency Services Business at Moore Stephens Consulting (MSC) said:

“We are very pleased that the implementation of our StARS-MS system is now complete and that MFRA can now reap the benefits that it will bring to its time and resource management function. As with any project we have had some issues to overcome and it has been a pleasure to work with MFRA throughout to achieve this positive outcome.  We at MSC hope this successful implementation cements the start of a long and mutually beneficial relationship, and we remain committed to ensuring that we provide best advice, services and support during that relationship.”

Mike Davies, FM&IHR Project Manager at MFRA commented:

“The delivery of the solution presented some real challenges but MSC were at all times both supportive and accommodating in helping to build a product suitable for MFRA’s specific requirements. Consistent with the Authority’s drive for continuous improvement we feel confident that StARS-MS will help with that objective. That is particularly important given the changes that are currently facing UK Fire and Rescue Services.”