We have developed a number of applications for the police sector that provide support for the predominantly mobile workforce.  

Location Based Stop and Search (LoBaSS)

A Windows Mobile application that supports the stop and account activities of police forces, replacing the paper-based 5090 Yellow Form method of recording such activities.  

Includes wireless access to the Police National Computer (PNC) for name and registration checks, GPS positioning for accurately recording the location of a stop and account, data entry validation on the device for minimising data errors and wireless submission of the form to a back-office server for approval and storage.  

The back-office component includes a map view of stop and account activity to aid in determining the coverage and effectiveness.

Electronic Crime Scene Investigation System (eCSIS)

A mobile laptop-based forensic worksheet system designed to fully support full disclosure rules as part of a forensic investigation carried out by Scenes of Crime Officers (SOCOs).  

This was developed in conjunction with the Head of Forensic Investigations and the Senior Scenes of Crime Investigator at Kent Constabulary. The system was unique in that it offered the facility to annotate digital images of the crime scene, using hotspots to mark points of interest or evidence found, and GPS to accurately mark the location of evidence.

The system has a full audit trail so that all historic actions and decisions could be seen as the investigation progressed.